3GPS OS 3.0 v1.0.1

Altimeter – Speedometer – Clinometer – Compass – Google® Maps, all in a single application!

Hare or tortoise? 3GPS OS 3.0 tells you how fast, high and where you are. Whether you're climbing a hill, touring or running a marathon, with 3GPS OS 3.0 your iPhone shows your current altitude, speed and course. 3GPS OS 3.0 is the best application for all outdoor-junkies. Hurry up and get it!

WHAT YOU NEED: iPhone 3G or iPhone 3GS (OS v3.0 or later).
WHAT YOU GET: A great outdoor-tool for your iPhone.

Fast, faster, fastest!

improved altitude determination (using NASA data)
Clinometer - Wisp with your finger from right to the left to display the clinometer.
Compass iPhone 3G - GPS-Compass (3GPS OS 3.0 can only determine your direction if you are walking some meters in one direction.)
Compass iPhone 3GS - Magnetic-Compass (3GPS OS 3,0 can determine your heading even if you are not walking.) If the magnetic compass detects interferences 3GPS OS 3.0 automatically switches to GPS-Compass mode. You can force GPS-compass mode by clicking on the compass.
Google® Maps API - Shows your current position.
speed and altitude statistic

- New instrument added: Clinometer
- New icons for magnetic/gps compass
- Graph redesigned and performance optimized
- Bug fixes & optimizations
- Removed sound from speed and altitude wheel
- Added security query before deleting the current session

- German
- English

Now it's your turn. Do you want all the information? Check the altimeter , the speedometer , the clinometer , the compass and Google® Maps in one single application!

Do you want 3GPS OS 3.0 with Session Management and Session Export Feature?
!!! 3GPS OS 3.0 v1.1.0 Release Notes !!!

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